At Treeline we have three simple beliefs:  

Food must taste good • Food must be good for you • Food must do good

That’s why we’ve stuck to a simple formula for more than ten years - use naturally fermented clean ingredients, keep the saturated fat low, source everything responsibly and extend a helping hand wherever we can. 
We invite you to join us on our mission to help build a kinder, more delicious and sustainable world.

Food Should Taste Good 


  • First and foremost, we love food. And we love what we sell. We wouldn’t sell it if we didn’t love it. 
  • Taste is front and center at Treeline. We don’t believe in imitating dairy cheeses - we believe in making them better! 
  • That’s why our cheeses will never be bland characterless apologies for veganism - they are bold, tasty and proud expressions of the art and craft of cheesemaking. 
  • All of our cheeses are made from simple clean ingredients - starting with top quality cashews, fermented using traditional techniques. This is what gives them their unique creamy textures and authentic flavors.



Food Should be Good for You

  • We don’t believe we should pollute our bodies or yours.  
  • That’s why we make our cheeses out of fine cashew nuts that are very very good for you. They are low in saturated fat, high in protein and contain important nutrients. 
  • We think you should be able to say what you are eating. Our ingredient lists are short and pronounceable. 
  • When we do add oil, we use heart healthy high oleic expeller pressed sunflower oil - one of the healthiest and most sustainable oils on the planet. 
  • Vegan food should be healthy. Our cheeses have less than half the saturated fat of similar dairy cheeses - and even many non-dairy cheeses that rely on oils that have alarmingly high levels of saturated fat. For more information on the danger of high saturated fat oils, you can read more here.
  • A good balance of bacteria being essential to good gut health, all our cheeses are cultured with live probiotic cultures. 
  • Our cheeses are always 100% vegan so they are free from lactose, casein, and the hormones found in animal milk.
  • All our cheeses are free from gluten, and soy and we do not use peanuts.



Food Should Do Good

  • We believe that, as human beings, we all have a responsibility to help make the world a better place. No matter who we are, we can do a lot by just being mindful in the many tiny, daily decisions we make.
  • Treeline was founded on the belief that our relationships with human and non-human animals should be loving - never cruel or exploitative.   
  • Being vegan is not enough - our compassion must extend to all aspects of our lives - the earth, its inhabitants and ourselves. First and foremost, we must do good by our fellow human beings. That’s why we source our cashews responsibly - from producers who treat their workers the way we treat ours - with the dignity and respect they deserve. 
  • We believe that vegan food producers have a responsibility to treat the planet with respect. Where ingredients come from and how they get to us are as important as what they are. That’s why our cashews come from sources as close to the United States as possible, where cashews are processed by local inhabitants and shipped directly to East Coast ports, rather than being shipped halfway around the world to other countries for cheap processing before being shipped to us. This means our cashews are exclusively sourced from Brazil and Cote d’Ivoire.
  • This sometimes costs more.  But cheap is not always better. Cheap always comes at a cost to someone.   
  • Extending a helping hand is a key aspect of our mission. That's why we support a variety of charities that help human and non-human animals in meaningful ways. We invite you to join us in supporting these amazing organizations.