Why Vegan Goat Cheese?

Michael Schwarz, Treeline Founder and CEO

I am very excited to tell you about our new vegan goat-style cheeses. I am very proud of my team for once again leading the field with a vegan cheese innovation that draws on old school cheesemaking and, in our own small way, makes the world a better place. 

If you haven't already tried our new vegan goat-style cheeses, please do! Sprouts and Whole Foods in California and in the Northeast are already carrying them. You can of course find them in our online store as well. To introduce you to our goat-style cheeses, I am personally inviting you to use the discount code - happygoat - for 10% OFF goat cheese for the next 24-hours. 

But a lot of people are asking “Why Goat Cheese?”

The answer lies in my recent visit to one of my favorite places in the world - The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, which is just a few miles from our facility in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley. The sanctuary is home to over a hundred previously farmed animals that have been rescued and given a new lease on life. I have taken the liberty of sharing some photos that we took there.

As you can see, many of the sanctuary's residents are goats that were rescued from goat’s milk production. Unfortunately, the life of a dairy goat is very harsh. Female goats are forced to give birth repeatedly so they will produce milk, and most of the males born on the farm live very short and harsh lives - because they obviously can’t produce milk. Visiting the goats at the sanctuary reminded me just how intelligent, sensitive and beautiful these animals are, and how much they need our help.

For this reason, the Treeline team has worked tirelessly to create a vegan version of dairy goat cheese that is truly amazing. The result is creamy, tangy, and nuanced “goat-style” cheese in three delicious flavors: Original, Garlic & Basil and Blueberry (you really have to try this one!).

So the answer to "Why Goat Cheese?" is, in essence, the reason why I started Treeline - to create a kinder and more delicious world by helping animals like the Woodstock goats and cows. I want to thank you personally for helping me to help them. It means so much to me.

Treeline is a proud financial supporter of the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Warmest regards,

Michael Schwarz

Founder and CEO of Treeline

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