Treeline Nut Cheese - Why We Are Dairy Free


Treeline Cheese is totally dairy-free. It is made of pure, wholesome cashew nuts, acidophilus culture, salt and pepper. No animals are harmed, or even touched in its production.

Milk is Good for Baby Cows – But Bad for People

There is no mammal on the planet that drinks mother’s milk more than a few years beyond birth, let alone for its entire life. Every mammal is weaned at some point. Every mammal except human beings, that is. We alone persist in drinking milk into adulthood, and the milk of another species to boot. This unnatural diet takes its toll on our health. The consumption of milk and products made of milk has been linked to heart disease, stroke, bone disease, cancer, diabetes, bowel irritation, precocious puberty and even acne.

This is not some kooky theory. The problems associated with milk consumption are now being recognized in the mainstream media.

Meat – The “Other Dairy Product”

Meat is as much a product of the dairy industry as milk is. Somehow, people seem to have forgotten what happens to the dairy industry’s unwanted cows and calves – and there are a lot of them. They are not put out to pasture. Doing that would cost money. Instead, they are killed and turned into hamburger meat and veal.

The days of the faithful old milk cow happily grazing in a pasture on the family farm are long gone. Today, dairy cows suffer terribly in giant factory farms and milking sheds, where they are sapped of their milk, their strength and their dignity. Every year, every dairy cow must give birth to a calf and every year that calf is taken away. Many female calves are dragooned into becoming milk producers alongside their mothers. The males – about three million of them a year – are hauled off and killed or confined to veal crates for their short miserable lives. When the cows are finally drained of their last drops of milk (having been forced to lactate for about 4 to 5 years of their 25 year life expectancy) they are dragged off to the slaughterhouse. There are about ten million dairy cows in America. Just about every one of them ends up being killed and turned into meat.

Treeline Cheese is totally diary-free!
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Artisanal treenut cheeses to rival the best of France and Italy!

Treeline Cheese is totally dairy-free.

No animals are harmed, or even touched in its production.

My mornings are forever transformed: onion bialy with Treeline Cheese scallion cream cheese. This Jewish vegan is in heaven!”

Lagusta, New Paltz, NY